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Here are a few recent issues:


Rest is Rebellion

Rolled In Jewels


Road Trips are for Fighting


Perks of Being an Outsider Stuck Indoors

selected writing 

Whitewashing of Asian Students and the Report That Launched a Reckoning, KUOW Public Radio (2021, featured as one of KUOW's 'Best Of' and expanded into a live Meet the Newsmaker public event)

How to save a man and survive KCRW's Radio Race, ROCK PAPER RADIO (2021) 

'We Signed Up to Be Teachers. We Didn’t Sign Up for a Death Sentence.’ EdSurge (2020) 

Meet Anthony Johnson: Teacher of the Year, Rebel 'Mayor,' High School Dropout, EdSurge. (2019, featured as one of EdSurge's top stories of the year)

Of all my identities, teacher had been at the top of the list for so long, and now I was quitting, EdSurge. (2019)

Odd One Out, The Sun Magazine (2018) 


I Have No Grace Today: A Teacher Reacts to the Presidential Election, Bright Magazine (2016) 


Inconsistent Advice From a Single Mom, Mutha Magazine (2014, later re-published by KUOW Public Radio and shared by Narratively) 

selected editing 

I was an editor for KUOW Public Radio's Seattle Story Project series from 2020 - 21

'It's Simon, not Tran.' Bullied by a high school teacher, this Vietnamese writer found his voice, by Simon Tran, KUOW Public Radio (2021, featured as one of KUOW's Top Five Stories of 2021)

With marriage and a gender transition behind them, they dined at Canlis, by Lisa Jaffe and Maura Hubbell, KUOW Public Radio (2021, #1 performing story the week of publication, featured in KUOW's 2021 Impact Report)  

He was 16 when a cop kneeled on his neck in Spokane. He’s still making sense of it., by Jerome Hunter, KUOW Public Radio (2020)

I thought I was a model activist. Then #MeToo called me out., by Erik Molano, KUOW Public Radio (2020, featured in short film on KUOW's Curiosity Club in 2021)


Attention white people: Your #BLM memes are not enough by Mellina White, KUOW Public Radio (2020, #1 performing story the week of publication) 

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