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Roll Call: Exploring the Gaps Separating Students and Teachers | Kristin Leong | TEDxWWU
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​ROLL CALL is Kristin Leong's 2017 TED-Ed Innovation Project. Through portrait photography and two simple questions, ROLL CALL is humanizing the culture gaps separating students and teachers while celebrating the connections happening in our schools despite these divides.


The two questions guiding ROLL CALL: 


  • What do you have in common with your students or teachers? 

  • Does it matter that students and teachers have things in common? 

Kristin developed ROLL CALL as part of TED-Ed's third cohort of 30 international Innovative Educators. She launched the project during her seventh year as a public school teacher. 

Meet the students and teachers from around the world who have joined the call at RollCallProject.com


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HALF: Biracial + Bicultural
in America


HALF is Kristin Leong's Sarah Lawrence College senior project featuring portraits of biracial and bicultural people from across the United States. The project was nominated for a USA Today Outstanding Academic and Intellectual Endeavor Award, 2003. All portraits shot were with film by Kristin Leong. See the portraits and explore the project here.