Hi. I'm Kristin.

I'm a producer at NPR-affiliate KUOW Public Radio. I am also the misfit and unlikely optimist behind, and the founder of, an international photography and storytelling project humanizing the culture gaps separating students and teachers. I created ROLL CALL as part of TED-Ed’s third cohort of 30 global Innovative Educators. 

Before becoming an official public radio nerd, I was a curator, a middle school teacher, and a nightclub bartender. And before my stint mixing drinks in Pioneer Square, The New York Times called me a ​"graduate already in the driver’s seat” and my project HALF: Biracial + Bicultural in America was nominated for a USA Today Outstanding Academic and Intellectual Endeavor Award.

The Boston Globe has described me as "post-feminist." A festival in Australia once introduced me as "America's hip hop poet." A former student told The Seattle Times I am an "inveterate poet." I do not identify as a post-feminist hip hop poet. I had to look up inveterate

I am based in Seattle. I'd love it if you'd subscribe to my newsletter

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